Quick cash loans -Quick cash in a day

Quick cash in a day

If you need quick cash, you can apply online at https://www.paydaynow.net/. Fast online loans that you can take without leaving your home are very popular in the Polish non-bank market.

This is a convenient solution because you can apply for it 7 days a week, at any time of the day or night, although of course, not all non-bank companies will consider a loan application on non-working days and at night.

Fast payday loans – how to borrow money without BIK?

Fast payday loans - how to borrow money without BIK?

Quick cash loan granted by companies conducting business activities specializing in borrowing money. A quick loan is usually nothing but low-value financing. Usually, it is several to several thousand zlotys, and the money borrowed has to be repaid in a relatively short period.

Quick cash loans can be loans with a one-time repayment, but you can take advantage of the quick installment loan offer and you can pay off the liability in several installments – like in a bank. Characteristic for payday loans is that in their case, lenders may charge high fees for joining the committee.

All lenders who provide quick loans online or offer quick loans at the client’s home have the same rules limiting the number of interest charges and non-interest loan costs. Loans up to PLN 255,450 are considered as consumer credit.

Applicable cost limits:

  • interest – the borrower may not collect interest higher (per annum) than twice the statutory interest equal to the sum of the reference rate of the NatBank increased by 3.5%. That is, when the NBP reference rate is 1.5 percent, it will be a maximum of 10 percent. on an annual basis,
  • non-interest – the borrower, in accordance with the Act of 11 March 2016 on supervision of the financial market, cannot charge non-interest costs from the borrower that is higher than the sum of 25 percent. total loan amount and 30% variable amount, depending on the loan period. All non-interest charges related to the repayment and granting of quick loans may not exceed 100%. its total amount.

Quick loans – conditions for granting payday loans

Quick loans - conditions for granting payday loans

A quick online loan or payday loan, which you choose in a branch of a loan company, is certainly more widely available than a bank loan. Non-banking companies are not bound by the guidelines of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, which are binding on banks. Therefore, a loan company where you can take out a quick loan online can afford to minimize formalities and lend you money without having to document your income.

Instant payments, i.e. quick loans over the internet, can be taken by any adult who meets the conditions set by the lenders. The offer of a non-bank company may include both a quick loan without BIK and a quick loan for the indebted, because non-bank companies may accept delays in repayment of existing loans and borrowings in accordance with the adopted loan policy.

Lenders will require you to:

  • he was at least 18 years old, which is associated with the acquisition of full legal capacity,
  • he had his own bank account in a Polish bank,
  • had a mobile phone and email address,
  • met the conditions for creditworthiness and creditworthiness.

The formalities related to taking quick cash loans on the non-banking market are simplified, thanks to which you can receive money very quickly. A quick online loan is available for retirees, pensioners as well as people running a business or working under a specific contract.

Fast loans for free – APRC PLN 0

Many non-bank companies acquire new customers, allowing them to take the first payday loan for free. Quick loans without accruing additional costs – interest and non-interest – are available only to customers who have never cooperated with a given non-bank company before and decide on a small, fast online loan for a short time.

Do you know that…?

Do you see the advertisement “Fast loans for free”? Be careful, this does not necessarily mean that you will not incur any costs. You will only have an APRC of 0% if you repay the liability on the date indicated in the loan application.

Fast online loan – verification of customer identity

Fast online loan - verification of customer identity

When you apply for quick loans online, the lender cannot tell you immediately if you are sure you have completed the application and whether you really are who you claim to be. Therefore, it becomes necessary to verify the identity of the borrower. Non-bank companies use three verification methods:

  • verification transfer from the customer’s account to the lender’s bank account for a symbolic amount of PLN 0.01 or PLN 1,
  • verification via the application 
  • ID verification by a courier who will provide the customer with a paper loan agreement to sign.

The verification transfer, which allows checking the identity of the borrower applying for a quick loan online, can only be made via an account registered to the same data that was provided in the loan application. Otherwise, the verification will be negative.

Fast loan – customer reviews

Fast loan - customer reviews

Positive customer reviews of fast online loans show that these loans are a noteworthy alternative to cash loans at banks. Customers appreciate:

  • high availability
  • acceptance of various sources of income (also for persons with a bailiff),
  • no onerous formalities,
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan without monitoring the credit history (quick loans without BIK),
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan to pay off other liabilities (quick loans for those in debt),
  • any use of funds from the loan,
  • short loan granting time – quick online loans can be obtained in a few minutes,
  • withdraw funds directly to the client’s bank account.

Non-bank loans, i.e. quick cash loans from loan companies, can be an attractive financing option.