Conso credit: all you need to know about the right of withdrawal.

For virtually every loan for consumption, of the amount between 200 plus 75 000 € and also a repayment period of at least three months, there are times for reflection plus retraction to be respected. This particular protection for borrowers has been introduced by the Scrivener Action, and covers both unsecured loans, restricted credits and spinning loans.

Do you know the reflection and retraction moments for a consumption credit? Learn how to play his right associated with withdrawal?

Period for reflection: what is it?

Time for reflection: what is it?

The cooling-off period refers to the validity period of the particular credit offer made by the lending institution. In concrete conditions, when a bank or standard bank offers you a credit provide, it is valid for fifteen days.

This era allows you to look at the terms and conditions from the offer, and to choose whether you will sign the provide of credit.

Nothing requires you to await these 15 days just before signing the offer. However, after this period, the lender is not obliged to maintain exactly the same conditions around the credit (rate, repayment period, amount of monthly obligations, etc . ).

Withdrawal period: definition

Withdrawal period: definition

Once the loan offer authorized, you have 14 calendar times (from the day after the signature) to exercise your correct of withdrawal. This period where it is possible to backtrack allows you a chance to weigh your decision, and avoid a good impulse purchase that you will feel dissapointed about later.

This era is the same regardless of the kind of loan contracted ( personal bank loan, revolving credit, or designated loan). The withdrawal time period may be extended to the next working day if the last day from the delay falls on a weekend break or holiday. Once the drawback period has passed, the particular signed credit offer immediately takes the value of a contract. You may therefore be required to repay the particular loan.

Little subtlety for the withdrawal amount of an affected loan:

  • If you inquire to be delivered immediately, but not after the withdrawal period offers passed, the period during which you may exercise your right associated with withdrawal will be reduced.
  • The withdrawal time period can be reduced to a more 3 days after the signature bank of the loan offer.
  • Once the property continues to be delivered, you will not be able to withdraw.

The right way to exercise your right associated with withdrawal?

How to exercise your right of withdrawal?

If you are nevertheless in the withdrawal period, you are able to cancel the credit if you would like:

  • Fill in the withdrawal form related to your credit offer, plus sign it.
  • Send it to the lender via a registered letter along with acknowledgment of receipt, to point your intention to pull away. You have no obligation in order to justify the reasons behind your choice.
  • The notice must leave no later on than the last day from the deadline. It does not matter if the loan provider receives it after the finish of the period, it is the day of sending that is genuine.
  • Indicate within the letter your contact information, the type of loan, the circumstances for obtaining credit (amount, overall percentage rate, pay back period). Also specify the particular date of the signature from the credit offer.


If you have signed a credit score assigned to the purchase of the specific property, the termination of the credit does not always cancel the purchase. Therefore remember to cancel your buy if it is your intention. The particular cancellation of the purchase cannot be refused if you have signed a good assigned loan. If you have currently paid a deposit, you are able to request a refund in the seller (Consumer Code : Article L312-53).